About Us

alyssa celiac specialist


Alyssa suffered from active symptoms of celiac disease for over 10 years before being diagnosed. In the decade since then, she has learned everything she can about how to live a first-rate gluten-free life in a gluten-crazy world.

Besides her work on recipes and reviews on The Cook and Chew Food Review, she is currently writing a book designed to give newly-diagnosed celiac sufferers all the information they need to navigate their new lives, including shopping for food, travelling, eating out at restaurants, and more.

melina vegan specialist


Melina loves food. However, not all food loves Melina – dairy, gluten, yeast, sugar, caffeine… she thinks that’s all of the offenders.

She loves to cook and bake and invent recipes that satisfy her craving for yumminess while also avoiding her allergies and intolerances.

She lives in Florida with her hubby and a variety of local wildlife because, well, Florida.